Personal Injury- Common Misconceptions

1) What if my injury is minor? Can I still make an insurance claim? 

YES. First, an injury is an injury.  “Minor” injuries also come with expenses! More importantly, you don’t know if your injury is “minor,” when you haven’t seen a medical provider for it yet.  Evaluations, diagnostic testing and treatment are absolutely necessary in order to even determine the extent or severity of your injuries. Should you fail to properly treat immediately, you not only lose traction with the insurance company handling the claim, but also place your health and well-being at risk in the long run! It is IMPERATIVE to consult with your car accident lawyer when dealing with any sort of  injury, as there is a high chance it could come with unexpected expenses that you may not be ready for.

2) I know the process takes awhile – is it even worth it for me to go through? 

OF COURSE it is worth it! Yes, some claims may take some time, but all claims are different.  Some take longer than others for various reasons.  That should never be a reason to overlook your health, or to force yourself to deal with a tiring situation that consumes all of your time, as can often happen with property damage. Hiring a car accident lawyer will completely solve that problem – you have someone else deal with the headache so you can get back to your life, AND receive treatment in the meantime so you don’t neglect your health.  With that in mind, does the timing of the process even matter? 

3) I don’t have time for this process – can I just hold off until later? 

NO – holding off  will hurt you in so many ways.  First, you’re not getting medical treatment for your injuries.  Regardless of how you may feel, if you wait too long to speak to a car accident lawyer, and too long to seek medical care, your claim loses strength and validity in the eyes of the insurance company, and will be much more difficult to resolve.  Your injuries will also probably worsen – if you don’t treat them immediately, they only get worse with time.  Similarly, you cannot wait to get your vehicle repaired – allow a car accident lawyer to facilitate that process for you.  There is no better time to call us than when you don’t have time – we handle everything for you so that you can focus on other matters and get back to your life. 

Dog Bite Safety 101

Everybody loves dogs. Our furry friends are the most popular household pets to have, and some of the most memorable moments in our lives are shared with our dogs. But with almost 70 million dogs living in the United States, it is nearly impossible to avoid a scenario where you are bitten by one.

There are about 4.5 million dog bites that occur each year. Out of these, close to a million dog bite victims seek medical care. About twenty five thousand dog bite victims undergo facial reconstructive surgery. Dog bites account for more than 80% of all animal bites.

How to treat dog bites:

Most dog bites can be treated at home. However, in situations where bites penetrate deep beneath the skin, immediately seek treatment with your local physician, emergency room, or urgent care. Even for bites that can be treated at home, seek follow up care with your local urgent care or physician the same day, to ensure the wound does not become infected, and that you obtain any shots necessary to protect yourself from anything that may have been transmitted by the animal.

To treat a dog bite at home:

  • Immediately place a gauze/wet towel to stop the bleeding
  • Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide or antibiotic ointment
  • Apply sterile bandage

Follow treatment at home, seek emergency care immediately. Should the bite be of a more serious or injurious nature, go straight to your closest emergency room.

How to prevent dog bites:

Dogs of all breeds and sizes have many basic traits in common, including one thing –they are FAST. Bites or attacks often occur when you least expect them to, and sometimes with the most seemingly harmless breeds. Regardless of the breed or disposition, always proceed with caution when you are around any dog that you are not already familiar with.

Some helpful tips to prevent dog bites:

       –   Always approach a dog slowly and give the dog a chance to approach you first. It is best to hold your hand out when doing so, to let them sniff and know you mean no harm.

       –   If a dog becomes aggressive, DO NOT RUN. Remain calm and move away slowly from the dog without making eye contact. DO NOT RUN, and DO NOT make eye contact.

       –   Try to stay away from dogs you do not know

       –   If you do decide to approach an unknown dog, make sure to consult the owner first to see if it is ok.

       – Do not approach a dog when it is eating

       – Do not leave children unsupervised with a dog

       – When choosing a dog for your family pet, make sure it is highly compatible with your disposition and those of others in your home.

       – Proper training is a MUST.

Should you or anyone you know suffer a dog bite, seek emergency treatment immediately. Be sure to obtain all information of the dog owner, and homeowner if applicable (where the incident occurs on or near residential property). Promptly contact our team at (310) 882-5486 to speak to a specialist any time to review your situation, and provide you with any advice that you need.