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Getting started with Katz Law Firm, PC is simple.

If you would like us to review your case, we invite you to contact us. There is no charge for this service. In fact, if we take your case, you pay nothing out-of-pocket. We are compensated with a percentage fee based on the recovery obtained by a settlement, judgment, or verdict.

Complete the Free Case Evaluation form below, and we will review it and respond within 24 hours. Or if you prefer, simply pick up the phone and call us at (310) 882-5486.  

Six Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Lawyer

  1. What kind of experience do you have handling this type of personal injury or wrongful death case?
  2. Can you verify your expertise by sharing some of your firm’s verdict and settlement results?
  3. Are you confident that your firm has the financial resources for out-of-pocket and other costs to properly pursue the case?
  4. What is your reputation among other attorneys?
  5. What will your firm do to make me more comfortable and confident while working with you?
  6. How does this process work? 

Our Process

  1. We evaluate all of the relevant facts in your case, and work with you to determine whether you have a credible claim against a negligent individual, organization or business.
  2. If we decide to take your case, we provide you with a written fee agreement, and review it with you.
  3. We then prepare the case, conduct additional research and investigation, and file a lawsuit with the appropriate court.
  4. We conduct depositions and other discovery to prepare the case for trial. You likely will have to give a deposition as well, and help us gather information about your background, the accident, and injuries.
  5. If we cannot agree on a settlement, your case then proceeds to trial.