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Emily P. 

Thank goodness for Corinne! I could NOT be more grateful for her during such a stressful, traumatic time.  Corinne truly surpassed all my hopes and dreams for a lawyer – she was incredibly responsive (literally responded to every text or call within minutes!!), so kind, empathetic, gracious and understanding, always kept me in the know about anything and everything, answered every question I had, was beyond professional, and last but certainly not least, negotiated a payout beyond my expectations.  I hope I don’t have to recommend a PI attorney to my friends or family, but if I do, it will 10000% be Corinne!!! 🙂 

Matt I. 

After moving to California, and experiencing the fake friendliness that is abundant all across the state, it was wonderful to find a diamond in the rough with Corinne.  I was a on a run when one of the absent-minded Californians drove through me. Corinne made sure to go above and beyond to get me help, medical care, and be a true friend that is rare in California.  Extremely professional, and always made me feel comfortable with the process.  I highly recommend Corinne for any personal injury needs. 

Breeanne D. 

I got the pleasure of being this amazing Queen’s client not just once, but twice! She is like a magical little fairy that shows up for you on what can be the worst day of your life, and does her magic and makes everything, just better! She’s so calming, never shows any signs of stress (I really don’t know how she does it tbh) and is just an amazing positive beam of sunlight when you need it most.  My gratitude for her is endless.  Thank you! Thank you!

Zaida D. 

I completely recommend this law firm. They have helped myself, my husband and my mother.  We were all satisfied with their service.  Whenever I had a question they were quick to respond.  The paralegal was awesome! Thank you! 

Sedwick L. 

If you are reading this, then look no further.  I was a client of Corinne Katz and I can tell you first hand that she and her firm have been a blessing to me and my family.  She treated me as a friend not just as a client.  She basically held my hand through the whole process and assured that I will be taken care of, and she did as she said – not only did I receive a very generous settlement, I made a new friend… Who I have recommended to my family and friends. 

Carolla A. 

She went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of, she’s extremely professional and diligent. You can absolutely count on her for any personal injury needs! Thanks Corinne for everything! 

John C. 

I must say that I am completely satisfied with Corinne’s outstanding work.  She is the type of person who will be very upfront with you, and if she can’t help you, she will lead you to someone who can.  We all know that finding and choosing a lawyer is a tough decision but when I chose Corinne, I felt confidence all the way through.  Thanks again! 

Marina H.

The City of LA was responsible for a toxic spill on my property.  Corinne is the best lawyer.  She negotiated a settlement with the LA City Attorney.  I am very happy and highly recommend Corinne. 

Ricky L.

Where can I start??? When I got the strength to give Katz Law Firm a call I just knew there was no turning back. Corinne was such a sigh of relief for me especially for what I was going through with my accident and injuries. I truly respected and trusted her with my wellbeing at the time. One thing about Corinne, she listened, she made me feel safe and she let me talk.  I just knew Corinne really cared and wanted to give me the support that she had my back! My girlfriend recommended Katz Law Firm from her past case and was pleased of the outstanding work Corinne and her firm did.  My injuries made me feel down and really depressed, but knowing that Corinne was handling my case meant that I made the right call and all she wanted for me was for me to recover and to get well.  My accident happened last year in August 2019. I’m fully recovered from my broken leg. I thank you Corinne and the firm for all the lawyer stuff your team did behind the scenes! 

Lavonia H. 

CORINNE IS THE GREATEST! I am so thankful for Katz Law Firm I don’t now where I would be without them. I was hit by a car crossing the street in January 2019.  I was discombobulated, in shock, ridiculous amounts of pain, and all I could think is call Corinne.  I knew with her expertise and her by my side everything would be ok.  By the time I got to the hospital Corinne was already there taking care of business and making sure I was as comfortable as can be.  Corinne provided the best doctors, PT, after care assistance and most of all love and support. I felt like family not a client! Her compassion and determination is undeniable! Anything I needed she was there.  She was very efficient and punctual with scheduling, callbacks, updates, etc. Now in 2020 I’m better than ever feeling back to myself and oh yeah sitting on a nice settlement…so grateful for Katz Law Firm, PC. Thank you, Corinne. You’re awesome.   

Andrea M. 

Corinne went above and beyond for me when handling my case! She made the process so easy and stress free.  She’s super responsive and makes everything very clear and easy to understand.  She’s also very positive and a sweet person.  I am so grateful to her and will recommend her to all my friends and family! 

Tom G.

I had my case with a different attorney for about a year and a half with almost no action taken, I signed my documents and went to the doctor.  My attorney almost never returned my phone calls or texts.  Then my case was referred to the Katz Law Firm.  She took my case, called me the same day, was very personable and understanding.  She explained everything to me in simple terms and my options, and listened to my concerns without being condescending.  She always answers her phone, returns emails and texts the same day if not sooner.  That was important to me! Her people skills are off the charts.  She called me about the insurance company’s offer, we agreed on a number and she got that amount for me.  She also got the medical bills reduced which meant more money for me.  The result? She settled my case within 3 weeks, check in hand, after our first phone call.  I wish she had been my attorney from the start! I probably would have been advised better.  I absolutely recommend her!  

Kristine S. 

For those that need to know in less than 10 words: Corinne is the best choice…look no further! Seriously.  For those who want to read details: I was in a horrible accident, Corinne was there by my side in the ICU over a year and a half ago and honestly I cannot say enough to represent all of the time and work she put in to ensure I was cared for and am on my road to recovery!  No one ever really expects to be in an accident, however they happen to all of us. When it does happen to you, there is no one you need in your corner more than Corinne. She’s incredible in literally everything she does for her clients.  Corinne serves each of her clients as though you are her only one.  Always with priority and respect.  She’s there with you each step of the way providing and ensuring you receive nothing less than what’s truly best for you.  She will be your biggest advocate and when it’s time for victory…her incredible work ethic is nothing less than the perfect amount of fierce, caring, courteous, and intently thorough day or night.  Even after everything I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with her and my family couldn’t be more grateful that she was here helping us through one of the worst things this life dealt us. 

Tyler P. 

Corinne is the absolute best! I am a simple, straight to the point type of person, so I appreciate the manner in which Corinne communicated and simplified what she was doing.  She broke down everything so I understood exactly what was going on step-by-step.  At the time of my accident, I was in my last year of undergrad, alone and away from home.  Once I was in contact with Corinne, I was immediately at ease.  She was VERY persistent and dedicated to my case.  She also updated me throughout the entire process.  When COVID-19 hit, forcing offices to close and slowing down the process, she continued to work on my behalf.  Corinne negotiated and recovered MUCH more than what I was expecting.  I am VERY pleased with her business! All in all, Corinne is efficient, professional, and accessible.  Trust in her firm! Truly thankful!! 

Mel Y.

Corinne is as good as it gets! She is not only professional, but kind and empathetic.  She has handled several of my cases, and she always comes through with the best results.  She is very responsive, beyond caring, and keeps you in the loop for all stages of your case.  I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Highly recommend! 

Nathalie Z. 

Corinne is an incredible lawyer and human being.  She is very professional but has also been like a friend to me. She really cares about her clients and goes out of her way to ensure overall satisfaction with her services.  Corinne is also very organized and efficient. Her response time is great and thorough. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer! Thank you Corinne for making this painful experience as painless as possible. I wish you the absolute best!

Nicky B. 

Corinne was very professional and most importantly thorough and patient. I definitely would recommend her. Thank you very much Corinne! All the best!

Lilliana S.

Corinne helped me two years ago with my car accident , she’s really kinda person , she went to my house and was nice to meeting her . Dedicated and professional

Karla S.

Amazing Attorney who has a superior professional grasp on the law. Corinne is sharp and  extremely intelligent. She is straightforward and honest and actually cares about her clients! Her work ethic should be an example to all!

Carolyn A.

I can’t speak more highly of Corinne and her amazing firm. She took care of me and my case and recovered more for me than I even had anticipated. She helped me through my personal injury case and I’ve referred her to many of my friends and family because she did such an amazing job. She is the best!!! Thank you Corinne for all your hard work and the amazing results!

Roby Y.

Corinne is a great attorney – experienced, smart, aggressive and savvy – but more importantly, she is an amazing person and caring advocate who goes above and beyond to make her clients feel taken care of. In an area of law where all too often lawyers view clients simply as a case number, Corinne is always available and provides personal attention to each of her clients to ensure they get the best possible outcome. I have referred many cases to her and in each instance these clients have reported back to me how Corinne had exceeded their expectations and how thankful they were for the referral.

Anna O.

I cannot say enough about Corinne. She is beyond amazing, knowledgeable, organized, sweet, caring, and smart (I could go on). I am a fellow PI attorney and I look up to Corinne, I see the way she handles her files day to day and it puts me in awe of her. I highly recommend her as an attorney for any injury case.

Monique A.

Corinne is an excellent PI attorney. She gets great results and she is easy to reach. I have referred her to friends and family and they have all been very happy with the outcomes of their cases.